Monday, 30 December 2013

Holiday Apartments Offer Better Features and Facilities than a Hotel Room

As the holidays are approaching near, you might be looking forward to book a hotel room or a holiday apartment for a vacation. In order to make a better selection of your holiday accommodation, you might consider the several facilities offered by different options, so as to enjoy your holidays without any hassle. Apartments offer a great Maroochydore Accommodation option as compared to a hotel room, due to several facilities/features offered by them.

Extra Space

A hotel room is restricted to a certain space, which might not prove a good option, when you are moving out on a family trip. On the contrary, an apartment is available in 2/3/4 bedroom options, according to your needs, where you can accommodate easily with your family including kids and older people. Booking multiple rooms in a hotel for different family members will add more to your costs as well.

 Convenience & Comfort

In an apartment offering Maroochydore Family Accommodation, you are likely to experience a higher level of comfort and convenience of living. Several facilities like TVs, ACs, Wi-Fi access, washing machine and others. Along with this, you are also provided with well-furnished furniture including sofas, tables, chairs and beds, where you can reside comfortably during your vacation.

Self Catering

You are also provided with a kitchen fully equipped with all the features and facilities that you might require. Here, you don’t need to stick to a fixed meal menu available in a hotel, while you can prepare a meal of your own choice and taste.  With this facility, you can be sure of and prepare a wholesome, nutritious and hygienic food at your desired timing. Other than meals, you are also offered with a self catering facility for cleaning and laundry, which you can use according to your convenience in a holiday apartment.

Facility for Guests

Along with several features mentioned above, this is another imperative feature that offers a benefit over hotel accommodation. You don’t need to make any extra payment to book an extra room for any of your guests, which is both convenient and affordable, when you book an apartment to reside at during your vacations.

There are a number of Maroochydore Facilities offered by apartments that you might consider to book an accommodation with high-level features. There are many apartments located in Maroochydore like the Trafalgar Apartments, where you can find numerous facilities and features for a luxury stay. Here you are offered with a complete set of features including a tennis court, private marina, nearby shopping facility, panoramic views and many others.

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